Does Conductive Keratoplasty Work?

SEATTLE, WA, May 30, 2010  — What is CK?

CK is short for conductive keratoplasty. You may have heard it called NearVision CK, also. CK is a treatment for two types of refractive errors – farsightedness and presbyopia. Farsightedness means that you see better at distances but have difficulty reading without corrective lenses. Presbyopia is part of the aging process. It occurs when the eye’s natural lens becomes more rigid and doesn’t focus as clearly as it once did. CK reshapes the cornea allowing the eye to focus more clearly in the near vision range.

How does CK treat farsightedness?

CK uses radio waves rather than lasers. The radio waves are applied in strategically determined spots on the stroma of the cornea. These shrink the collagen and cinch the cornea. Similar to a pull string in a waste band, cinching the corneal tissue increases the arch of the cornea. The increased arch increases focus for near distance vision.

How does CK treat presbyopia?

CK does not treat presbyopia directly. That is, it doesn’t change the natural lens in any way. By reshaping the cornea, CK compensates for refractive changes caused by the less flexible lens. Usually just one eye is treated, creating near vision. The other eye is left with distant vision. This approach is called monovision. Some loss of depth perception results, but most people adapt within a few weeks.

How long does CK take?

The procedure takes only a few minutes per eye. Preparation and finishing up might increase procedure time to around fifteen minutes. You can go home after a short rest but will need someone to drive you so be sure to make arrangements.

How long is recovery from CK?

Recovery can take up to two weeks, but you can usually return to work the next day. You might experience visual fluctuations during the recovery period, fuzzy-functional vision the next day, or light sensitivity for about a week.

Is CK permanent?

No, CK treatment can last about two years. Gradually, your corneas will return to their natural shapes. While you may need similar treatment later on, you do have the option of considering alternative treatment or newer procedures that aren’t available at present.

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