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The Right Car for Teens

“Often parents think that putting their child in the biggest car is the safest thing they can do, but that’s not so.

Prices of Gas Level Off

With the end of the summer driving season in sight, prices of gasoline is almost unchanged since last Friday.

MagicTalk: Free Internet Calls

The company behind magicJack introduces magicTalk: free phone calls from computers, smart phones and iPads.

Back to School Shopping

“Parents should start to think about school supplies before school lets out at the end of the school year,” said Toni Luburich, general manager of Staples in Stroudsburg.

Wal-Mart at the Top of the List of Charitable Cash Contributors

Walmart, the largest company in the United States, tops in as the biggest cash contributor for charities.

TOMS Footwear Reaches a Milestone

Blake Mycoskie, founder of the TOMS footwear company, donated one pair of shoes to a child in need in a developing country for every pair that was sold.

Extend Your Back-to-School Summer Clothes by Layering

You can extend your back-to-school summer clothes by layering them. Laura Sherra, Macy’s trend expert, says girls can put leggings under those summer dresses and even add a jacket for a new fall look.

Martha Davis Gives Shoes a Try

“I wanted to get back to making things,” said Martha Davis, “so I decided to give shoes a try.” Davis booked a trip to Italy and took a shoe design course in Milan and has since made four collections of highly stylish shoes.

Preventing Knockoffs

Senator Charles E. Schumer introduces a bill that may not only provide protection to the fashion industry, but satisfy the different sides of debate.

Recession Leads to Fewer Plus Size Options

For the more mature larger-sized woman, fashion options are dwindling. The plus-size lines have decreased more significantly then other lines during the recession.

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