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A Positive Father and Son Relationship Allows Stress to Be Handled Better

A father and son relationship is very important and can affect the son in more ways than one in years to come.

FDA has Approved the Morning-After Pill Ella

An FDA expert advisory panel last June unanimously urged the FDA to approve the new morning-after contraceptive pill called Ella.

Man Dies after Donating Part of Liver to His Brother

A South Dakota man dies after donating part of his liver to his brother. The University of Colorado Hospital, which performed its first successful live donor liver transplant in 1997, has temporarily suspended live donor liver transplants while it investigates the incident.

Is Cellulite Permanent?

Cellulite is fat that is deposited in pockets below the surface of the skin. It leads to a dimpled appearance because it is very close to the surface of the skin.

MRSA Cases are Declining

The federal government reported Tuesday that the infections caused by the bacterium methicillian-resistant Staphylococcus aureus, or MRSA, seems to be declining in medical settings nationwide.

Test for Early Detection of Alzheimer’s

Belgian researchers said certain proteins in spinal fluid can accurately diagnose Alzheimer’s and can predict which patients with memory problems will develop the fatal brain-wasting disease.

Smaller Waist Increases Life Span

Men with a waist size of 47 inches or more and women with a waist size of 42 inches or more have a twofold higher risk of death compared to those with smaller waist sizes.

CSL Vaccine Causes Convulsions and Fever

One type of flu vaccine made by CSL Biotherapies, an Australian company, should be avoided by children ages 6 months through 8 years according to the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices.

Working Out with Germs

From yoga mats to exercise machines to the showers you use in gyms, they are crawling with germs.

Excess Weight Gain during Pregnancy and who it Affects

Pregnant mothers who gain an excessive amount of weight have heavier babies, who are more likely to become obese later in life.

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