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Goldman Sachs CEO Reaped a $6.1million Gain

Goldman Sachs Group Inc. CEO Lloyd Blankfein is now $6.1 million richer after cashing in more than 90,000 stock options.

BP & U.S. Officials Evaluating How to Plug Well Indefinitely

U.S. officials have ordered BP to finish the relief well after pressure tests have failed to prove that there is no further risk of oil leaking from the well, said National Incident Commander Thad Allen.

Starbucks is Launching a New In-Store Digital Network

In an effort to make customers experience more social, Starbucks is launching a new in-store digital network.

CEO of GM will step down

Ed Whitacre, General Motors Co. CEO said on Thursday that he will be stepping down the first of September.

White House Moves To Help Distressed Homeowners

The White House says it will spend $3 billion to assist homeowners in distress by helping pay their mortgages.

Is There a Wage Increase for the Middle Class?

For decades, the annual incomes of the middle class have remained virtually the same.

Clean Energy and Politics

The United States government is being prevented from completing a clean coal project due to political reasons.

What’s in Store for the Public Sector

“This is only beginning of the losses,” said Heidi Shierholz, a labor economist at the Economic Policy Institute.

Greenspan Calls for Cancellation of Bush Tax Cuts

Mr. Greenspan, the former Federal Reserve chairman, emphasized that the tax cuts should have stayed with the so-called pay-go rules which require that tax cuts or new spending should not add to the federal deficit.

Google and Verizon Argue Over “Net Neutrality”

An argument over who controls the Internet and how it is accessed is constantly being debated, but fortunately a turning point is near.

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