There are a lot of wonderful people who make possible.  Introducing (alphabetically):

Anthony Barberi

Tony B (or ToughGuy Tony) is our resident sports expert dude who loves anything that has to do with sports, sports or sports.

Jeffrey Donaldson

Reformed Seinfeld addict and multi-faceted writer with over 14+ years experience and 100’s of citations to his credit.  He maintains that he is and will always be “sponge worthy”.

James Francaise

Oddly, James is not even 1% French, go figure? But he hasn’t let that stop him from being a fine cuisine and culinary expert.  Flat out:  the guy loves food more than anyone we know and never gains a pound.

Gus Hammerstein

Resident geek.  Gus Gus (names after that adorable mouse from Cinderella) has more gadgets than Maxwell Smart and that Science Guy put together.  Yes, he also knows how to write.

Shideki Hormosa

AKA “Grasshopper” has more degrees than a thermometer, really.  By far the most educated person here. Writes about anything and everything when needed.

Jennifer Jennendorf

Living proof than Community Colleges produce some great people! Jenn Jenn is the real outdoorsy type and can even start a fire without a match.  We have been trying to get her to go on “Survivor”, but she hates the water based challenges.

Holly Kneiders

“Professor Kneidermeir” is actually a part-time professor who teaches writing to continuing adult education folks.  She grades all our articles here and has been known to draw a smiley face every once in a while.

Sarah Loneville

The “Loneville Ranger” (has a dog who looks like Tonto) and is our politically seasoned contributor.  She is the only one here who understands current events.

Camille Novak

One half of the happily married “Captain and Camille”,  just graduated with a degree that we never ever heard about before and did it all using up her parents money!  Imagine that.  Camille is our resident Fasionista and is constantly critiquing our style (or lack thereof).

Michael Proettini

(This bio had been edited to protect the innocent and to also let you know that this is not his real name and that he has never heard of the witness protection program or the film My Blue Heaven).

Carin Thomsen

The Norwegian Bombshell.  The healthiest person on staff.  How appropriate that she is in charge of health, nutrition and fitness.  Funny how things just work out like that. Graduated from a University (not all that long ago) that we cannot spell.

Macai Zemblim

Don’t even know anything about this guy.  He just appeared one day with his own desk and began asking for a paycheck and some time off.  We kept him because his writing is amazing.

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